Bathroom Shelves

Modern, universal design bathroom shelving Eskimo causes, that they fit virtually any bathroom. This is the most convenient and quick solution, if the problem in your bathroom is not enough shelves for bathroom accessories, towels or toilet.

regalymale01 Most shelving was used good quality became chromium coated high gloss. This was achieved, through the time-consuming process of multi-stage polishing and coating.
regalymale02 One of the advantages racks are Eskimo feet - And here our brand offers a variety of solutions in materials and construction. Depending on your needs, we can find the complete silicone foot pads or wheels. Satisfaction robust design has been combined with the convenience of quick installation - Adjustable legs attach themselves one to another.
regalymale02 Shelves Our shelves are made of special material - "tempered glass"That is safe, tempered glass. Such glass if broken shatters into small, blurred pieces. This ensures safety.

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